Oliver Aaron : : 6 Months Old

Oliver’s Daddy (Aaron) and my husband have been friends since High School. When Brian and I got married, Aaron was yet to be attached, and we would spend a lot of time with him. He’s one of those people who is just a really.great.friend. Like, if you listed all the qualities of a great friend, Aaron has them all. A couple of summers ago we were planning a trip to San Marcos-ish and at the last minute, Aaron called and said “uh, I’m bringing this girl I just met”. What!? a GIRL!? Obviously, my crazy girl meter started buzzing. “who is this girl trying to get with OUR friend?!” But, when we met Kristen we immediately realized she was awesome and perfect for Aaron. By the next summer, they were married and had a baby on the way: Mr. Oliver Aaron. He’s freakin adorable, this kid. With a mom somewhere around 6 foot and a dad around 6’6″, he’s got a long way to grow but he’s working on it FAST!

Happy 6 Months, sweet Oli!

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