4th of July Minis

It doesn’t get any more patriotic than little kids holding flags. I mean, really.
I was excited to have some friends over for this impromptu mini session. I know I had a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure all the other babies and their mamas did. My kid ate basically half of a huge watermelon during the shoot. No, it wasn’t seedless. Yes, his poop the next day was….interesting to say the least (TMI?)

4thjulyminisblog2 4thjulyminisblog1 4thjulyminisblog5 4thjulyminisblog16 4thjulyminisblog7 4thjulyminisblog12 4thjulyminisblog4 4thjulyminisblog17 4thjulyminisblog144thjulyminisblog34thjulyminisblog8 4thjulyminisblog104thjulyminisblog14
4thjulyminisblog14 4thjulyminisblog13 Untitled

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