Garcia Family : : Family Session Giveaway 2

When I was in high school I went to church with Reagan Garcia. I remember knowing who she was but I don’t know if we ever really talked or knew each other. We eventually ended up as friends on Facebook and she would always support me by sharing ads for my music lessons and now for LEPhoto. So, when she won the giveaway I was so excited to get to pay her back for all her support!

Her boys Caleb and Matthew are the cutest.things. She told me that the younger one would fake being shy but that he’s really not. She wasn’t kidding. In the first few minutes he wouldn’t even make eye contact but as soon as I brought out a soccer ball and started chatting about Thomas the Train, we were instant besties. I really enjoyed working with this family. They were all so cooperative, flexible, and patient with me! The boys even came up with some of their own picture ideas. Adorable. I might hire them as my assistants in a couple years. 🙂

GarciaFamilyWeb12GarciaFamilyBlog1GarciaFamilyBlog2 GarciaFamilyWeb3 GarciaFamilyWeb11 GarciaFamilyWeb10 GarciaFamilyWeb8 GarciaFamilyWeb9 GarciaFamilyWeb1 GarciaFamilyWeb7 GarciaFamilyWeb13 GarciaFamilyWeb5

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