Wardrobe Choices 

Have you ever wondered if your outfit choices really make a difference in the end result of your family photo session?

Well, not to put any added pressure, buuuut they totally do! Here are a few tips for you to remember when coordinating your family’s outfit.
1. Don’t be afraid to not be “matchey matchey”. If the colors are all in the same general color family, they will look great. This family is in all different colors but the session took place in the summer (see number 3 for more on that) and even thought it’s a lot going on, it works for them since they are all bright and springy colors! If you want to perfect this look, make sure someone is toned down a bit, like the mom in this family.


2. Avoid too many patterns on too many people. A good rule of thumb is to throw pattern on only one or two people in the group. Make Dad stand out a bit more by putting him in a plaid or checkered shirt while Mom or kids bring in the splash of color.


3. Remember your season and surroundings. If you have a gorgeous location picked out (IE spring flowers or fall trees), don’t wear anything too bright to distract from it. Color is still okay but keep it muted! This family’s session took place at the height of fall. While they still have a color theme going on, it’s a nice dark purple, which is muted and seasonally appropriate.


4. Rules are meant to be broken! These are great guidelines but don’t be afraid to mix it up if you think it looks good! They’re your pictures and you should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. These kids are breaking rule number 2 but they look amazing!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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