Jace : : Cake Smash Milestone Session

I just love Jace! He’s the sweetest, calmest little guy. He was super cooperative for our session. He loved the balloons, catching the ball, chasing some dogs we saw, and most importantly: he loved his cake. It took some coaxing at first but once he got a good taste, he was sold. 🙂

Happy Birthday Jace!JaceOneYear2017-4JaceOneYear2017-10JaceOneYear2017-7JaceOneYear2017-8JaceOneYear2017-11JaceOneYear2017-2JaceOneYear2017-12JaceOneYear2017-14JaceOneYear2017-15JaceOneYear2017-17JaceOneYear2017-18JaceOneYear2017-19JaceOneYear2017-20JaceOneYear2017-22JaceOneYear2017-24JaceOneYear2017-25JaceOneYear2017-26JaceOneYear2017-28JaceOneYear2017-29JaceOneYear2017-30

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