Caitlyn + Preston

Caitlyn and I went to college together at Houston Baptist University. We only had one class together: a speech minimester. and it was the greatest class ever. 2 weeks, all day, lots of public speaking. Everyone in that class became friends, even though we were all over the spectrum as far as class, major, friend groups. 🙂 I was so glad when she called me about engagement photos! After also meeting at HBU and dating a few years, he proposed on Christmas. They were eager to get one step in the wedding planning process complete.

She initially told me they weren’t super lovey-dovey, but I beg to differ. 🙂

Congrats Caitlyn and Preston! Enjoy this season, it’s extra special. 🙂


Family Shoot in Small Town Main Street

I absolutely love this family. She’s been letting me take their family and milestone pictures for a few years now. It’s so fun to watch the change in family dynamics as the kids have grown. 🙂 Not only are they stellar clients, but they’re also great friends. I’m so thankful to have them be part of mine and my kid’s lives.

Last year we took some great images in a beautiful sunlit park full of trees, so this year we wanted to change things up a bit. Downtown Richmond is hopping with photographers, especially this time of year, but I’ve only shot there a handful of times. I love the neutral colors of the brick walls and concrete contrasting with the sun flowing in through the big, mature trees. Plus, these kids are so photogenic, even when they’re not having this “photoshoot thing”.



Carlsen : : Newborn Lifestyle

A year ago I met sweet little baby Judah for his newborn session. And now, here we are again, for his little brother Jedediah! I’m so happy that the Carlsens welcomed me back into their home again to capture these same, yet different, moments with Jedediah. He was the calmest little thing, which is good because that balances out his ball-of-energy big bother!


Introducing, Jedediah:


21727 Project

I recently started a personal project while we were in the midst of selling our first home and purchasing a new one. I was feeling quite nostalgic about our first family home : where we brought home our first two babies, where I started both my businesses…where we called “home” for five years. So I tried to capture some everyday moments of our kids in the house. I had hoped to get more, but the time got away from me quickly during the chaos of showing, packing, and moving the house. But I’ll still cherish these sweet moments as I start to capture the new memories at our wonderful new {to us} house.


Family Maternity Session

Chelsea initially contacted me to schedule a newborn session for her little arrival in April…As we were chatting she mentioned wanting maternity pictures with the family too! Let me tell you, if I looked as good as Chelsea does at 8 months pregnant I’d be signing up for tons of maternity pictures too! She looked amazing was so full of energy! She was up for anything! I’m a little bit jealous…haha! Mr. Harrison was not the biggest fan of pictures but once we let him play with some sticks he was happy. Little Molly was super super sweet though, you can tell she just adores her mama.

I can’t wait to share their newborn session when Baby Margaret gets here!