Family Maternity Session

Chelsea initially contacted me to schedule a newborn session for her little arrival in April…As we were chatting she mentioned wanting maternity pictures with the family too! Let me tell you, if I looked as good as Chelsea does at 8 months pregnant I’d be signing up for tons of maternity pictures too! She looked amazing was so full of energy! She was up for anything! I’m a little bit jealous…haha! Mr. Harrison was not the biggest fan of pictures but once we let him play with some sticks he was happy. Little Molly was super super sweet though, you can tell she just adores her mama.

I can’t wait to share their newborn session when Baby Margaret gets here!


Harris Newborn Lifestyle

When I pulled up to the Harris house for this newborn session, I knew immediately it would be an adorable session. Their house is super cute and decorated so perfectly! It wasn’t just a work day for me, hanging out with the Harris family was like meeting some new friends too. They were so easy to get along with and are taking new parent life in stride. Little Man slept the entiiiiiire session! He needed one little snack in the middle of our time together but was otherwise the perfect little model. ❤

Looking for a baby shower gift in the future? Lauren’s sister (the momma of these cute girls) gifted this session as a baby shower gift. What a great idea for a gift. 😉



Aldana Family

Sweet Abbey and her family are good friends of ours (it helps that our husbands are related haha) We get along very well and our kids are only a few months apart so it makes for some very exhausting playdates…
This family is so easy to photograph. You can really see the love between Jonathan and Abbey when they look at each other. I had to tell them to calm down when I asked them to kiss! “WHOA! That’s a different kind of photo session, okay?” Their little boy is a big ham, especially when you bring up superheroes! Baby Ruby is the sweetest little thing, she smiled almost the whole session and never once cried! Hallelujah!




Titcomb Family : : “Fall” Begins!

I met the Titcombs when their older daughter started taking piano lessons from me. She had been coming a few months when we discovered we had already met once at church! I was leading worship at the church Corey’s parents attend and I didn’t even realize they were the same people! Haha, small world. ☺️
I love the location of this photoshoot – the sun is setting perfectly between the trees. Little Sister was not having the posed pictures but after we got her dancing and chasing Big Sister, she warmed up to the idea of giving me a few smiles.



Hudson Craig : : One Year Old

A couple of months ago Natalie had me do a mini session of her 3 kids that turned out to be one of my favorites of all time. So, of course, I was ecstatic when she asked me to take Hudson’s one year pictures.

He is one of the happiest babies ever. I guess that what happens with number 3, they just go with the flow. We lugged him all over the park and he never fussed once!

Happy birthday, Hudson Craig!


Luka Antonio : : Two Years Old

I have always liked photography -even when I was a kid I would set up my camera on a tripod and try to take 1998 style selfies. But I never had much inspiration….until this guy was born.
I can’t believe he’s already turning two. I’ll blink and it will be 22…..and he will still be living at home because he’ll never leave me. (just kidding, I’m kicking that kid out on graduation day)

LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (19 of 21)LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (6 of 21)LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (8 of 21)LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (14 of 21)lukablog2lukablog3LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (9 of 21)LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (10 of 21)lukablog4LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (20 of 21)lukablog5LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (17 of 21)UntitledLukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (16 of 21)LukaIsTwoPhotoshoot (18 of 21)


Bluebonnets 2016

I don’t know why, but I love being a Texan. I’m so not a typical one. I live in the suburbs of a big city, I don’t have an accent, I don’t ride horses or raise any sort of farm animal (unless my dog counts).

But I have serious State Pride.

One of the landmarks of a Texas spring is the arrival of the bluebonnets. It’s basically a right of passage for every Texan kid to be stuck in the middle of a dirty patch of flowers and forced to smile by mom, dad, or for me it was my grandpa. So, welcome to Texas, kids!!

Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower. Legend says they’re illegal to pick, but there’s been some rumors that it’s not true. Either way, they last like 3 weeks all year, so save them for the rest of us okay?! (I’m talking to you, people I saw with a bouquet in your hands…) They’re pretty much just a wildflower, and they bloom typically on the sides of highways. You can find amazing fields of them farther into the Hill Country, but there’s some good patches in Houston too.

Last year, the bluebonnets were my first “real” photoshoot and it’s what inspired me to officially launch Little Egg Photography. So, this year the bluebonnet minis felt like a real milestone to me. Thanks to everyone who signed up and participated! Here’s a few of my favorites!

If you missed it this time, mark your calendars for March 2017- it’ll be here before you know it.

DanileFamilyBluebonnets (1 of 14)Bluebonnets2016 (8 of 9)TitcombBluebonnets (2 of 7)RodemeyerBluebonnets2016 (2 of 6)GeorgeBluebonnets2016 (10 of 11)PenateBluebonnets (4 of 6)HoardBluebonnets2016 (7 of 9)DanileFamilyBluebonnets (3 of 14)ThompsonBluebonnets2016 (12 of 12)TrojanBluebonnets (6 of 7)AldanaBluebonnets2016 (7 of 8)