Sophia Rose : : One Year Old!

Sweet Sophia is the daughter of my good friends Elizabeth and George.  I have known them since I was in high school (they were not in high school, as they are much, much, much older than I am – hahah 😉 ), but as time went on, I got married, we ended up having kids the same age, and we are now in a family bible study/fellowship group together. They have always been so kind and generous to us.  I could tell you a ton of stories, but this one stands out most in my memory.

Memorial Day Weekend 2015 in Houston was one for the record books. Friday night it started to rain, something that is very normal for a late May night, but little did most people know this particular storm would wreck havoc across the city. If you don’t know, Houston is “famous” for their bayous, which are basically manmade concrete rivers that run throughout the city to provide drainage and prevent flooding in vulnerable parts of the city. George and Elizabeth live about 4 blocks from a major one: Braes Bayou.
On Friday night of Memorial Day Weekend, a small but heavy cell of rain parked itself over the Braes Bayou. Before anyone could believe it or evacuate, it overflowed.  By 2am, my friend’s house was flooded with 3 ft of bayou water. They were stuck, with her parents and their 9 month old daughter, in the house for hours waiting for the water to recede so someone could come rescue them. Practically everything they owned was destroyed. The icing on the cake is that they had just moved in and renovated the house less than a year before the storm. 80% of their stuff was brand-new (and not the cheap stuff either).
The point of this story is, would you believe after all that, when my husband and I spent just a couple of hours to help them organize and label all the destruction in their house,  THEY BOUGHT US GIFTS TO THANK US.
They lost their house, their clothes, their baby toys, BOTH their cars…. everything!

But they thought WE deserved presents.

Really, they are the best, and Sophia Rose is the most precious baby {not so baby anymore!}  girl. Here are some of my favorite shots of her one year photo session and her first birthday party.

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Garcia Family : : Family Session Giveaway 2

When I was in high school I went to church with Reagan Garcia. I remember knowing who she was but I don’t know if we ever really talked or knew each other. We eventually ended up as friends on Facebook and she would always support me by sharing ads for my music lessons and now for LEPhoto. So, when she won the giveaway I was so excited to get to pay her back for all her support!

Her boys Caleb and Matthew are the cutest.things. She told me that the younger one would fake being shy but that he’s really not. She wasn’t kidding. In the first few minutes he wouldn’t even make eye contact but as soon as I brought out a soccer ball and started chatting about Thomas the Train, we were instant besties. I really enjoyed working with this family. They were all so cooperative, flexible, and patient with me! The boys even came up with some of their own picture ideas. Adorable. I might hire them as my assistants in a couple years. 🙂

GarciaFamilyWeb12GarciaFamilyBlog1GarciaFamilyBlog2 GarciaFamilyWeb3 GarciaFamilyWeb11 GarciaFamilyWeb10 GarciaFamilyWeb8 GarciaFamilyWeb9 GarciaFamilyWeb1 GarciaFamilyWeb7 GarciaFamilyWeb13 GarciaFamilyWeb5

Mohammed Family : : Family Session Giveaway 1

A few weeks ago I did a family session giveaway on Facebook. Amina Ishaq was my first winner!

This family was so sweet and kind. They showed up to a random location they had never heard of with a photographer they had never met, but they had their game faces on! Even though it was 7pm, the older kids were ready to play and have fun. The baby was even a happy camper! I couldn’t ask for more.


Greene Family : : Family Session

Most of my extended family now lives in North Carolina. We try to make an effort to visit once a year. This year I took my camera so I could get some fun shots with some of my cousins and their families. My cousin Kelly has a friend who lives on a farm. (a real, live, working farm. They have a barn and everything). The hills and trees were just the perfect backdrop for them. We got some great pictures of Kelly with her daughter and son, then her boyfriend, Shane, hopped in for a few shots. Hopefully soon, we’ll be taking engagement pictures of these two. *hint hint*
Kensley, Kelly’s daughter, is a natural model. I never once had to tell her how to pose. She did so great! Colton, on the other hand, need quite a few bribes to keep this session going. But in the end, we got a few out of him. 🙂