Matthew and Jocelyne are great friends of ours from our church. I was so thrilled when they asked me to take lifestyle newborn pictures of their sweet baby boy, Ryder! We’ve all been waiting (im)patiently for Matt and Jocelyne to add a little baby to the mix of crazy kids in our group of friends. Ryder is the perfect addition. We’re looking forward to helping Matt and Jocelyne enjoy this new life stage of parenting a newborn.

Introducing Ryder Leo


Harris Newborn Lifestyle

When I pulled up to the Harris house for this newborn session, I knew immediately it would be an adorable session. Their house is super cute and decorated so perfectly! It wasn’t just a work day for me, hanging out with the Harris family was like meeting some new friends too. They were so easy to get along with and are taking new parent life in stride. Little Man slept the entiiiiiire session! He needed one little snack in the middle of our time together but was otherwise the perfect little model. ❤

Looking for a baby shower gift in the future? Lauren’s sister (the momma of these cute girls) gifted this session as a baby shower gift. What a great idea for a gift. 😉



Ruby Tru : : Newborn Lifestyle

Funny story.

In high school I played on the worship team at church with this guy named Jonathan. We weren’t super close but we usually got along because he put up with me the most out of his two other brothers. (I was kind of obnoxious in high school) Anyway, he later started going to another church and we didn’t really keep in touch other than just having mutual friends.

That is, until I married his cousin. Now he’s stuck with me! haha, jokes on you Jonathan!

A few years ago he found his soul mate, Abbey. I’m serious. These two are ridiculous how perfect they are for each other. They just had their second baby, a little girl named Ruby Tru. I was so happy to take her newborn pictures recently and, you guys, this family is like perfection.


Introducing Ruby Tru


Micah Shobi : : Newborn Lifestyle

I always giggle a little bit when I talk about “lifestyle” newborn shoots… In reality, the lifestyle of a newborn is milk stains on mom’s clothes, dark circles around mom and dad’s eyes, dirty onesies everywhere, poopy diapers spilling out of the diaper genie, and screaming at the older sibling not to poke the baby’s eye AGAIN.

But we try to block those memories and remember only the sweet snuggles, big sibling’s kisses, and the few times mom found a chance to take a shower.


I so enjoyed getting some {fake} lifestyle photos of Mr. Micah last week. His family is so special to mine and we’re ecstatic to have him join our baby family clan.

Introducing Micah Shobi Varghese