Meet Kate

Captured Photography

Little Egg Photography is named after my son and inspiration, Luka Eggenberger  {get it? Egg?} He is the reason I picked up the camera – what better model could I ask for? Now I have two Little Eggs that I adore and who keep me on my toes! The only way I can remember these quickly passing moments amidst my sleep deprived life is to photograph them. I love telling Luka and Levi’s stories through photography and I hope you will let me to tell your “little egg”s stories too.

When we meet for a photo session, I hope to get not only the “money shots” with everyone nicely posed and smiling – you know, the ones you send to grandma – but I also want to capture your family interacting in a natural way. The posed pictures are nice for the mantle, but a picture that expresses the love within your family is what I find really special.

-Kate Eggenberger


LEP serves, but is not limited to, the Sugar Land, Richmond/Rosenberg, and Katy areas.