Meet Kate

Ashlie Nicole Photography

My name is Kate and I have an awesome family. My husband Brian is better than anyone else’s husband. Little Egg Photography is named after my inspiration: Luka and Levi Eggenberger  {get it? Egg?} My boys are the reason I picked up the camera – what better models could I ask for?  I love telling Luka and Levi’s stories through photography and I hope you will let me to tell your “little egg”s stories too.

In addition to photography I also teach music and lead worship at my church. In my abundant spare time (lol that’s obviously a joke) I love to veg out and binge watch stupid TV shows like Real Housewives, Southern Charm, and pretty much anything on Bravo. If I’m not with my kids, you’ll probably find me sitting on the patio by a fire drinking fancy beer. 🙂


-Kate Eggenberger



LEP serves, but is not limited to, the Sugar Land, Richmond/Rosenberg, and Katy areas.